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All closures are not created equal. Suppliers can choose between PTFE manufactured with a cast or skived process. Skived is less costly however unseen pin holes from microscopic bubbles can occur during the skiving process. Cast material produces a more reliable product batch after batch, but cost more to manufacture. Additionally a decision needs to be made between peroxide cured material or platinum-catalyzed septa. Peroxide catalyst material is less expensive to manufacture however it introduces additional siloxanes during the curing process, platinum-catalyzed side steps this issue but cost more to use. Unfortunately the industry as a whole has made the trade-off for cost over quality. We are very fortunate as an independent company to offer the highest quality cast and platinum cured material while keeping our cost low. We believe that by providing the best products on the market we can foster long term relationship by serving our customers core needs along with our own charter to grow organically with the highest quality products possible.